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Drawn to Life NDS
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Drawn to Life NDS



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A dying village embraced by everlasting winter has cried out to you the Creator for assistance. The remaining inhabitants of the village need you to bring back all their lost possessions such as the sun moon fruit trees fish rain clouds plants animals and much more! Players can draw their own characters which then come to life and become playable characters in the game! In Challenge Mode run jump and fight their way through an exciting side-scrolling adventure. In Village Mode take a break from the action and hang out in your village to watch your creations interact with the townsfolk scenery and other Creations. Advance through an entertaining story and restore your Village to greatness. Format: NINTENDO DS Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: RP UPC: 785138361314 Manufacturer No: 36131


Drawn to Life provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use paint set, including multiple 25 color palettes, eraser, multiple zoom modes, per pixel editing, three brush sizes and flood fill.

Take on the role of Creator as you rebuild a small village with your stylus, drawing the planets, animals, plants, buildings, sun, moon, stars and much more!

Watch as your creations interact in the streets with the town population.

Control your drawn hero, and follow a colorful cast of characters, as you help bring their village back to life through 16 levels with 50 stages of gameplay.

Use your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to trade in-game creations with friends playing Drawn to Life as well.

Product Details:
Product Length: 5.0 inches
Product Width: 5.25 inches
Product Height: 0.55 inches
Product Weight: 0.13 pounds
Package Length: 5.4 inches
Package Width: 4.8 inches
Package Height: 0.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.2 pounds
Release Date: September 11, 2007
Average Customer Rating: based on 60 reviews
Game Information:
Platform: Nintendo DS
Media: Video Game
Item Quantity: 1
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 60 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

33 of 35 found the following review helpful:

5Fun game with tonsa new innovationsOct 19, 2007
By S. Lindgren
This game, to put it bluntly, is a combination of Mario, Animal Crossing, and a coloring book. This is the coloring book part. It is really fun because you get to draw your own hero and a lot of times in your adventure draw like a cloud to get across a gap. you get to draw with pixel-by-pixel drawing if you want and if you do you can just use a template or make your own which is quite hard in the scope of things. This is wher the Mario part comes in. You have to go in to 4 separate gates which represent 4 different realms. You go through side scrolling adventures which are excruciatingly long. You run, jump and ground pound just like in mario. Fun sidecrolling with boss battles at the end of every realm. This is the animal crossing part. You also can monitor the population of your town. You have to draw certain things like a nice sign for a restaurant and the town crop. Every time you complete a level you will have rescued 3 people, which will get added to your population. Overall this is one AWESOME game. I recommend it to anyone that likes mario and stuff like that.

48 of 57 found the following review helpful:

3Equal Parts Animal Crossing and Magic Pengel With A Touch Of MarioSep 14, 2007
By There's No Stopping Space Vikings T. Edwards!
You play the game as "The Creator" and it is your job to save a small village of people/creatures/things by drawing the pizzazz back in to their little world which has become dark and gloomy and rescuing the townsfolk. Well this sounds kind of cool doesn't it? Too bad it's really not.

The game opens up with the pages of a book that apparently has been destroyed by one of the villagers who has gone evil. You are prompted to draw a few things, and I'm not sure what bearing they have on the gameplay yet, and then you are thrown in to a little Animal Crossing like world that is gloomy and fenced off with patches of dark fog. They talk about some nonsense for a while and eventually you get around to drawing a "hero" which you can pretty much do anything with. You're given a certain space built up of smaller regions that you can neither draw outside of or leave an individual region blank. This is to assure that your hero has 2 "legs", 2 "hands", a "head", and so forth. Naturally you can give them round stubs for hands and pineapples for legs if you wanted to but certain bits have to be there. There are also predrawn templates you can simply alter to your tastes or use them as they are. All in all I would say the drawing tools are simple but effective. You can zoom in/out, use a fill tool, there's a couple of different pencil widths, and there's a stamping tool. For the stamps and templates you only start with a given number and the rest must be unlocked. Once done, you may alter your hero whenever you see fit so don't worry about it too much.

So you've got your hero and you may now be saying to yourself, "Well he/she/it certainly is ugly" and you'd be right. Your drawn hero only has the 2D view and kind of flails around. This makes for a poor contrast to the rest of the game sprites since they all have a back, front, and side view. Whatever though, it works, it's just not pretty. With your hero you can now move on in to the saving of townsfolk and the recovery of the pages from the book of life. You enter in to side scrolling platform levels with your hero and there's really nothing new here. You jump on enemies to kill them, you can slide down hills to kill them, you collect coins for spending later in town, and you bounce around like this achieving various goals. There's really no additional flare to what it basically Mario 3 with the exception that every so often you are asked to use your drawing skills to move on. For example you may have to draw clouds that you can jump on. You also get various weapons which you are allowed to design yourself but I still found myself jumping on enemies more often than not even with weapons. The mechanics are a little wonky, your character seems to skate around and something about the feel of the movement is just slightly awkward.

Ultimately though this game boils down to being a mediocre game in all respects with drawing as a distraction. You could spend plenty of time making things look cool and pretty but every second you're drawing you're not really playing the game. If you wanted to draw like this you could simply hop on MS Paint and play Animal Crossing or Mario when you're done with that. I would call this game a "pass" unless you're hard up for a new DS game.

53 of 63 found the following review helpful:

3Mario w/ user-defined spritesOct 05, 2007
By T. Brzinski
What you draw simply fills in templates already in the world. You don't draw enough to really set the flavor of the setting, and all the drawing is simply filling in blanks in the background.

It's fun to draw your hero, and the drawing app is great (I sometimes put in the game just to doodle), but the gameplay itself is a disappointingly linear jump and smash, and your works of art do nothing to affect the game world.

17 of 19 found the following review helpful:

4This game is awesome!Sep 18, 2007
By Matthew
This is a great game! You can draw your own character and parts of the levels. The Drawing Tool is in depth, you can zoom in and edit each pixel, flood fill, lock colors and choose from a bunch of different stamps and patterns... I've been playing this game for awhile and still haven't unlocked everything!!! It has a cool story and interesting characters, and the music is amazing!

I'd recommend Drawn to Life for anyone who likes to doodle or draw, or anyone interested in a fun side scroller. It's not perfect (Sometimes the levels / village feel too long) but it has a ton of replayability due to all the stuff you can draw.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5An Awesome Platformer Where YOU Design the Platforms!Jan 31, 2008
By SylvesterFox007
"Drawn to Life" is really, in essence, three games seamlessly united into one: lightweight RPG, slick side-scrolling platformer, and art/drawing program. If you enjoy these elements, even to a slight extent, you will enjoy the experience of "Drawn to Life."

There is some sketchy theology involved. The game begins by asking you to draw a globe, some trees, and some creatures. It then brands you "the Creator". Turns out you created a whole world and then abandoned it. Then, one day, a funny little creature called a raposa (the main species of inhabitants of your world) prays to the Creator, and you answer.

The two most distinct types of game play are the RPG and the platforming elements. The RPG first has you design up to three "heroes" as the Creator. From then on, you play both the role of Creator and hero as you interact with the raposas in a small village and "create" elements of their life as needed.

The platforming element takes over when your hero travels through different doors to action areas such as a snowy mountain and a sandy beach. Here, your hero proceeds in classic side-scrolling style, defeating enemies with a non-lethal gun that fires projectiles like snow ball and acorns or simply by crushing them with his or her butt, leaping across platforms, and collecting coins and hidden items.

The most unique feature of the game, and the element that is incorporated into both of the distinct gaming experiences, is the drawing feature. If you can handle Microsoft Paint, you can handle this. The DS makes excellent use of the stylus to draw several of the game's interactive elements. This starts with the design of the various heroes, all painted over a manikin to provide the movement structure, and all treated as one by the raposas. If you're not feeling creative, the game provides patterns that can be altered or simply "brought to life." If you're feeling creative. Throughout the game, you'll also be asked to draw several pieces of the town the RPG is set in. Throughout the platforming worlds, you will draw your guns, along with several vehicles. Also, you will get to draw several unique platforms, all which behave differently. For an example, you get to design stars that must be jumped on while twinkling and bits of debris that are caught in the gusts of winds that blow you across chasms. These elements, which you draw, blend surprisingly well with the rest of the environments you interact with, and there's a certain thrill involved in riding your own creations.

The stylus is also well utilized in other aspects of the game, such as opening doors during the platforming levels and moving objects during the RPG. And your drawing also come into play in unique ways, such as your heroes head becoming the icon for lives remaining during side-scrolling and also the 1ups that can be collected.

Hazy theology aside, "Drawn to Life" is a fun game that nurtures creativity, and if you own a Nintendo DS, you have no excuse not to own this awesome game.

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