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LEGO Star Wars NGC
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LEGO Star Wars NGC

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LEGO Star Wars blends the unique world of LEGO with the adventure of Star Wars, for unforgettable action and fun. Live the most popular moments from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Episodes I to III come to life -- and you can become a part of the story!


Compete in action packed lightsaber duels against Darth Maul

Experience mind-blowing space battles in your starfighter

Use the Force to construct - accessing secret areas and overcoming obstacles - and play as many favorite characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and more!

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.75 inches
Product Width: 5.75 inches
Product Height: 0.53 inches
Product Weight: 0.31 pounds
Package Length: 7.4 inches
Package Width: 5.3 inches
Package Height: 0.4 inches
Package Weight: 0.05 pounds
Release Date: June 15, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 125 reviews
Game Information:
Platform: GameCube
Media: Video Game
Item Quantity: 1
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 125 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

98 of 103 found the following review helpful:

4A good GameCube port of a surprisingly-fun gameNov 05, 2005
By J. Johnston
This GameCube version of Lego Star Wars was released a full six months after the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game, an odd decision considering the frequently-assumed target audiences of the different consoles. Even so, this delayed port is nevertheless a very solid one, and gamers who have Cubes can pick this one up knowing it looks and plays just as well on this console as it does on the others.

Lego Star Wars is a game that is forgiving enough that children will enjoy it (i.e. a character who gets "killed" is simply resurrected nearby). At the same time, also has a few challenges that will give adults a share of fun. The game features a VERY large number of unlockables and extras that can only be completed by collecting certain items and collecting large enough numbers of the game's currency (known as bits). Some of the levels are not terribly difficult to beat - but can be challenging to beat with sufficient numbers of bits, some of which are lost when a character dies.

Of note, Lego Star Wars also has an easy-to-use cooperative feature, which is a great deal of fun regardless of the age of the people you are playing with.

The presentation of this game is outstanding. The graphics are beautiful and glossy and portray the "Lego" and the "Star Wars" both wonderfully. The cutscenes are funny and capture well the storyline of the first three episodes even though there is no voicework to speak of. John Williams soundtrack is here and the game even has the appropriate tracks for each level. Hearing that trademark "Darth Maul" anthem during the duel with the Sith is a real treat.

There are only a few drawbacks to the game. One, it's a bit on the short side - an adult could probably plow through the entire campaign in 6-8 hours. That being said, each level has hidden items and unlockables that are only accessible after you've beaten that level in the regular story mode, so there is a lot of incentive to go back. Two, a couple of the levels might actually be a bit hard for kids, such as the podracing level... perhaps all the more reason for an adult to sit down and enjoy the game with them. :) Finally, a couple of the platforming sequences have some odd camera angles that can result in excessive deaths the first time through, but this is less of a hassle considering the fact that it's impossible to die completely in the game.

Overall, though, this is one of those unusual games that is easily recommendable to both older Star Wars fans and younger kids... and is all the better if your household has both!

32 of 36 found the following review helpful:

5The best of two worldsDec 17, 2005
By Simon
If you like Star Wars and you like Lego, this is really a no-brainer purchase. The difficulty level would suggest this game is aimed at kids, but really its just so much fun for anyone to play that it's easy to come back to over and over. My favourite feature is the drop in/drop out function, which like an arcade booth allows someone to walk in, play for a bit, then drop out and do something else without interrupting your progress. I wish more games could implement this idea.

The graphics are solid, interpreting Star Wars into Lego and occasionally using the silliness for humour. The game is also backed by the usual John Williams score, so you get a full Star Wars experience. There's no voice, but voice would feel odd for this kind of game.

Really, I'm so glad this made it to Gamecube. It's relatively cheap and packed with fun and unlockables. Plus, how can you say no to Lego and Star Wars?

15 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5A great GameDec 03, 2005

Lego Star Wars is a great game which I play very often. With over 30 different characters to chose from, you will almost never get tired with this game! You can accumulate all of the characters by collecting blue, silver, and golden lego studs. You can also cash them in for extras which make the game even more entertaining. It includes levels based on the first three movies, and an extra bonus level after you complete the main game. I would say it is for ages 7-13, since it has no extreme violence, but still appeals to those of an older age.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Not Just For Small ChildrenNov 26, 2005

I recently played this game at my friends house and we had a blast. He had just bought it and right out of the box it was loads of fun.

The Lego theme probably throws off a bunch of older children, but believe me, this game is fun! I'm 12 years old and I think this game is awesome.


Good graphics, they make the enviornment look great.


This game is extremely easy to learn! Within the first couple minutes of the game you'll have the basics mastered.


Great sound, lightsabers hum, and the Star War's theme plays the whole time.


THis game is just loads of fun. In Dexter's Diner you can watch Jar Jar and Qui-Gon fight. Watching battle droids fall into bricks never loses it's novelty, and the game just overall excells.

What are you doing? Go out and buy this game now. NOW!

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:


I love this game! You get to be all sorts of lego star wars people! you can be any one from Anikin and Darth Vader to and Padama and Jar Jar Binks. With the first three episodes, even episode III: Revenge Of The Sith! I'd say if you have a Game cube and like star wars this is a must have!

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