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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis NGC
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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis NGC



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 7.5 inches
Product Width: 5.3 inches
Product Height: 0.6 inches
Product Weight: 0.25 pounds
Package Length: 7.5 inches
Package Width: 5.3 inches
Package Height: 0.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.25 pounds
Release Date: August 07, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 88 reviews
Game Information:
Platform: GameCube
Media: CD-ROM
Item Quantity: 1
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 88 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

23 of 26 found the following review helpful:

5FIVE "S-T-A-R-S!"Apr 04, 2003
By Matt Spencer
We've all seen them before, "survival horror" games. The idea behind them being simple. Somewhat ordinary person thrown into a ... situation that they have to survive. Allies are scarce, the enemies are plentiful, and the ammo is practically non-existent.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis brings something a little unique to the otherwise repetitive formula for Resident Evil games. Borrowing from something that was used in Resident Evil 2, the game adds "Nemesis". Basically a walking, organic, tank of a freak who's hunting you throughout the entire game. The only warning you get before he shows up to cave your head in is ominous music and his catch phrase "S-T-A-R-S!" If you haven't found the Resident Evil games scary to date, this little twist adds a whole new level of fear that keeps you on your toes throughout the entire game.
The plot is a little simplistic. It covers the day before Resident Evil 2 begins, to the day after Resident Evil 2 ends. And because the two take place in relatively the same area, there are instances where you'll explore areas seen in RE2. It's interesting to note that the creators of the game don't pay much attention to continuity. One of the most obvious examples being a window that's broken in one game, then mysteriously fixed in another. Worth pointing out, but not really integral to the plot of the game, or its worth.
The downsides of the game are little things. Voice acting is a little bad (a staple for the series), the controls are awkward, and the game is too short.
Graphics are good. Probably the best you would have seen on the Playstation One. On Game Cube they're a little below the mark, especially when compared to Game Cube's earlier Resident Evil releases like Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero. There's not a lot of improvement in the graphics on the Game Cube, or at least no imporvements that my eyes can see. The game may move a little faster but that's about it.
All in all, it's a good game for a port. And a welcomed port since Nintendo now has the Resident Evil games exclusively on Game Cube. Adding in the Resident Evil 2&3 ports, along with the upcoming Code Veronica port will put most of the games on one system, so fans wanting to play through the entire series will be able to without buying two or three systems. Based on its original merits as a PSOne game, and the seamless transition to the Game Cube, this game deserves five stars.

17 of 20 found the following review helpful:

3Still A Good Game, But More Could Have Been Done With This VersionNov 19, 2005
By LeftManOut
Being a huge fan of Resident Evil, and having played both the remake of the original and Resident Evil 0 on Gamecube, when I heard that Resident Evil 2, 3 and Code Veronica would also be making their way to the 'Cube, I was very anticipant. However my hopes were crushed when I found out that the games would simply be ported from their original versions found on the PS1 and PS2. Not only that but Capcom was planning on selling them at a whopping $40 price tag. Make no mistake there is absolutely nothing new about this version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. If you own the original PS1 version, then there is no reason to buy this as it is the EXACT same game. I'm really disappointed by Capcom's lazy attitudes towards the re-releases on Gamecube. In its day Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was a great game, and still today it is just as enjoyable. If you have never played it before, and you don't own a PS1 or PS2, then this would be a great way to get aqquainted with the game for the first time.

Story wise Resident Evil 3: Nemesis doesn't really break any new ground for the franchise. It actually takes place on the same night as Resident Evil 2, and in the same place. Instead of controlling Leon or Claire though, you are back to controlling Jill Valentine, who must now also escape from the zombie infested Racoon city. However a mysterious beast known as "Nemesis" has been unleashed to hunt down Jill and exterminate her, and there are frequent portions through out the game where you will run into him. It's more of a side story to the second game than an actual third installment (many rightfully consider Resident Evil: Code Veronica to be the third chapter in the story.) Despite that fact it's still an extremely fun game to play, as it has just as many creepy and tenseful moments are any of the other RE games (while being concentrated a bit more on action, like RE2). The graphics are pretty weak compared to anything of today's standards, but to be appreciated, you have to consider the time it came from. Capcom could have at least touched up the graphics and made the game a bit faster if they were simply going to port it, but I guess complaining about it isn't going to do anything.

Control wise it's exactly the same as every other RE game, just simply incorporating the Gamecube controller layout found in the previous Gamecube RE titles. I'm guessing if you're considering buying this, then most likely you've played a RE title somewhere before, so you should have no problems picking the game back up and getting to work. I actually like the layout and feel the Gamecube contoller gives the game, and it seems to be much better suited for the game the PS controller was.

Like I stated before, it's the exact same game found on the PS1, so if you already own any previous form of this game (Playstation, Dreamcast) there is very little incentive for you to pick this one up, especially with Capcom deciding that they'll just sell them for $40. I could understand $20 maybe, even $25 at the most, but no one should be taken advantage of like that. Capcom only ported the games with hopes of capitalizing on the market who had hopefully not played any of the RE games before they hit Gamecube. Even those who didn't most likely have a PS1 or PS2 and they can find the same game on that system for like $10. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.

Overall this game is still good, and a worthy installment in the series, but Capcom's obvious laziness definitely brings down what could have been an oustanding game had it have at least been touched up. As it stands RE 3: Nemesis is solid, but not a necessary purchase if you own the original. If you have never played the game, and don't own a PS1 or PS2, then I'd say pick it up if you can find it at a reasonable price. Don't expect anything near the level or Resident Evil or Resident Evil 0, because this game does not stack up. It had a lot more potential, but Capcom just got lazy. What a shame.

13 of 17 found the following review helpful:

4la la la la la...collecting stuff...running by zomOH MY GOD!Sep 18, 2003
By Brandon Morgan
Ok, installation three of the series...or is it four due to 0? or...whatever. Thusfar I have beaten the remake and obviously this one, currently I ordered 2 and am working on beating 0.
After playing the remake and 0, I thought that this would be the same old schpeal so I popped in the disc and began playing.
"Doo dee doo past zombies, no problem...collect that fuse? piece of ca...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING??!!!" That was pretty much my reaction. This game is NOT like the others. In this game you have to be on your toes at all times or else this Jason Voorhes like character will come to rip you to sheds. This is Nemesis, and the reason I compare him to Jason is because he ALWAYS finds you and HE WONT STOP CHASING YOU DOWN EVERY FRICKING ALLEY!!!!! Its sooo freaking scary and a littl annoying after a while.
Over all, its a bit short but worth the gameplay for the neverending game of tag between u and NEMESIS

28 of 39 found the following review helpful:

3Buy only if you do not have a PS1 or PS2Jan 17, 2003
By G. Guberlal
I have it. After beating Resident Evil Zero & the remake of the first, I wanted to jump right in on GC's RE3:Nemesis. There are slightly faster frame rates and a different use of controls to support the GC's controller. That's all.
The RE3 PlayStation Dual Shock Version with the original and rearranged data is the same as this passed off port. I don't need to review the game itself, it is another chapter in the saga that is well-known to fans.
If you don't have a PlayStation1 or 2, then this is a solid buy. If you've never played RE3 and don't have the PS, it is a solid buy again. Whoever is making up the stories about the better graphics or a remake is fooling you.
Don't get me wrong, RE3 is a great game, but it is a port. Graphics, game, content and all. I rated it 3 stars because of the marketing tactic. The original PS version is a 4.5 star game. You'll notice that this review will be posted on RE2 as well because Capcom did the same with that one.
Robert Eldridge (...)

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Dated but thrillingJul 28, 2005
By Simon
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was originally released for the Playstation, and has now been ported to Gamecube so that players can enjoy the Resident Evil series on one console. After the events of the original game, Raccoon City has been overrun by zombies and heroine Jill Valentine must make her last escape.

This game is still a solid experience after half a decade. The controls (once you get past the usual Resident Evil stiffness) are solid, and minor enhancements have been tagged onto the gameplay; the 180-degree turn makes it debut here, which allows players to quickly spin around when being confronted by a zombie hoard. Another thing I've always liked about RE3 is how it allows you to really explore the ruins of Raccoon city, something only hinted at in Resident Evil 2. The main story here isn't quite as strong as other installments in the series, but its still gripping enough to pull you in. Plus there's always the relentless Nemesis and his rocket launcher to worry about.

Is this game worth the purchase on Gamecube? If you can't play the other versions (Playstation, Dreamcast, PC) and hold the overall gaming experience above dated graphics, then yes. But I'd suggest looking for a used copy first if possible.

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