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Force 21 GBC
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Force 21 GBC

Item ID: 008888120254  
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ESRB Reason : N/A
Release Date : 11/18/1998
Type : Video Game
Platform : Game Boy Color
Publisher : Ubisoft
Genre : Shooters
Cartridge Only\r\n\r\nPC fans craving real-time strategy action on Game Boy Color may have found their title with FORCE 21. In the year 2015, World War III has broken out. Technology has progressed to the point that air-based nuclear attacks are ineffective, so warfare will be conducted the old-fashioned way: through large-scaled attacks of armored units and infantry. In this one-player strategy or action game, you''ll choose to either control the American or the Chinese military forces, each side comprised of the same eight different unit types. From the speed and power of a tactical helicopter attack to the all-out brawn of a platoon of tanks, you''ll have all the warfare options you''ll need to carry out your plan of attack. In order to complete the game, you''ll have to battle your way through 16 different missions that take place all over the world, in such locations as barren snowfields, yawning deserts, and crowded cityscapes. FORCE 21 is compatible with Game Boy Color systems only.
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