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Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance Xbox
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Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance Xbox

Item ID: 013388290161  
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ESRB Rating : M
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ESRB Reason : N/A
Release Date : 2006-09-08
Type : Video Game
Platform : Microsoft Xbox
Publisher : Capcom
Genre : Action
In an area brimming with cartels battling for power and influence no one comes close to Zanetti''s group the strongest force in Las Sombras. When Zanetti learns of a rival clan''s drug deal he dispatches five of his top mercenaries from his inner circle to intervene. When they arrive on the scene they find their targets have already been executed and to their surprise they are ambushed by members of their own cartel. They were set up to appear as traitors who were out to nab the drugs and money for themselves. They had been double crossed but by who? Was this some scheme by the cartel to exploit them as scapegoats? Did one of the five betray the others? Outnumbered and pursued by both their previous cartel and law enforcement officials the five are forced to split up and disappear into the shadows of Las Sombras.Format: XBOX Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: M - Mature UPC: 013388290161 Manufacturer No: 29016
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