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Chaos Wars PS2
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Chaos Wars PS2

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ESRB Rating : T
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ESRB Reason : N/A
Release Date : 10/26/2000
Type : Video Game
Platform : PlayStation 2
Publisher : O3 Entertainment
Genre : Role Playing
Originally released in Japan in 2006, Chaos Wars is a strategy role-playing game featuring characters from multiple game franchises. Thirty-six protagonists from such titles as Shadow Hearts, Growlanser, Gungrave, and Generation of Chaos have united against a common threat. Players will assemble a party of heroes to engage in turn-based battles against a variety of monsters. A key feature in Chaos Wars is the ability to freely move characters within a circular area instead of a fixed number of squares or spaces, as is typical of the genre. A menu display lets players issue commands to attack, cast magic, or use items until the battle is won.
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